Belles is up for adoption!


What about Belles’ history?

Belles was brought to us from a feedlot pregnant and unhandled.


She is now halter broke and leads, allows brushing and petting.

She is becoming tolerant of having her feet handled, but needs work.

She loads in the trailer just fine and hauls well loose.

She presently does not tie.


What does Belles need?

Belles needs someone with experience training unhandled “adult” horses who will be kind, fair and gentle. She will be a worthy project for the right person.


What about Belles?

She is in her early teens, healthy, great feet, good disposition and a quick learner. She has never been aggressive (except a little bit when she foaled and that is understandable)
Belles is about 14.3H, stocky, short backed. If we had to guess, we would guess she is Arab/Quarter Horse? No one knows.


Interested in Adopting Belles?

Adoption fee: waived to qualified home


You will need vet references, personal references, and an adoption contract with us.

Please contact Rosemary Collins with any interest at


A pregnant Belles upon arrival at Pony Up.     Belles and Baby Wynn.