Joey has been ADOPTED!!! Congrats Darlene!

What is Joey’s history?

Joey came to Pony Up in Spring of 2018 with his best pal Chica. He was very malnourished and his feet were in terrible shape. He and Chica were surrendered to the rescue by their owner who could no longer care for them. After a few months in the care of Pony Up, Joey has gained weight and is very healthy once again. His front hooves have been in casts for the past several months treating his severe white line disease. They are due to be removed in the next month (July 2018) or so. Joey has been full vetted and his blood work has come back with no major concerns.

Who would be good for Joey?

Joey would be good for someone looking for a companion horse or a pasture pet. He has not been assessed under saddle. We will likely assess him once his feet are in good condition. He is the sweetest boy who loves scratches and is very affectionate, so if you’re look for a companion horse with good manners and a sweet disposition, Joey is the right guy for you. Continued care for his feet may be necessary.

What about Joey?

Joey is estimated at about 14.3H and 22 years old. He likes being with other horses, but is not easily bullied. He is excellent for the farrier and has a gentle and sweet disposition in general.


Interested in Adopting Joey?

Adoption fee: $500

You will need vet references, personal references, and an adoption contract with us.

Please contact Rosemary Collins with any interest at