A Thought On New Year’s Day 2017

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I can be pretty opinionated, blunt, and have a good ability to speak my mind…but I can also be sensitive, full of emotion and heartsick.

We see a lot of awful things in rescue. Animals that are in distress or dire straits…not through any fault of their own, but due to humans who fail them.

I am not getting on a soapbox today regarding lack of care or the sub humans who do things to animals that the rest of us cannot tolerate. You know me and know how I feel about those things.

What I want to say today, is that around this time of year, we all make resolutions,… we all want to be better in some aspect….. we quit smoking, we vow to lose weight, we are going to exercise….etc, etc.

But…..what if we all just did one simple thing that would help everyone… four legged, two legged, winged, feathered, hooved, whatever.

Be kind.


Don’t be kind to be honored…

Don’t be kind to be seen.

Be kind because it is the right thing to do.

I get overwhelmed with emotion when I see a stranger who helps another stranger or another living being……when they didn’t have to..no one would have known if they did or didn’t…..but they chose kindness. They chose to help.

Ten or fifteen times this week, I have read an account or heard an account of someone helping someone …animal, child, adult….

they took an old dog in for the night, they bought a meal, they gave a coat, they stopped an attack, they provided security, they dislodged plastic from a fin of a turtle, they paid an electric bill for an old person, they gave a ride, they asked a question, they swallowed their pride…they were humans in their finest minutes….. wonderful acts of kindness for those in unfortunate circumstances.

Please make 2017 the year of Kindness.

Look for an opportunity.

Do it and feel grateful for the opportunity.

Do it and mean it.

Encourage your children to do the same.

What if we raised a generation of kind beings?

what if?

Practice love.

Rio’s Story

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This is Rio… happy in his new home. Rio is getting to be an older boy now and has just the family that he deserves.
But where did Rio come from?

After we became a 501C3, Rio was our first intake horse.
Rio was originally “donated” to another rescue. He had been a show horse and when his rider went off to school, he was donated to what his people thought was a good rescue.
But it wasn’t.
Long story short…Rio and a number of other horses were starved at this place. I believe that the intentions were originally good but things took a turn for the worse…expenses piled up, it was hard to say no and then denial kicked in…… Many horses died at this place…horses were found buried under manure piles, others knee deep in mud, no running water, no hay in the barn, horses were louse infested, various states of starvation….and when authorities were called, horses were hidden, excuses were made.. it went on and on..until finally one day charges were actually filed and something was actually done.
Except some horses were unaccounted for.
Rio was one.
We knew about him…had tried to get him before…but we had no luck.
Then out of the blue, some sanity kicked in to the person hiding him…and we were told to come and get him.
So we did.
A bag of bones, rain rot, very depressed…a sad sight.
We took him to the Jones Farm so he could rehab a while and get on his feet….
Then we took him home to Pony Up.
We had a young volunteer who wanted a horse of her own.
I told her I didn’t think he was the horse for her and suggested another.
No dice.
She had her mind set on Rio.
I had my mind set on another.
I said he was too much horse for her.
She said “let me try”.
I said “let’s do some lessons on the lunge line”.
She said Ok.
Off we went…
I had to eat my words.
he loved her from the start and she loved him.
They took lessons and rode through their challenges…neither gave up.
That girl is now an adult.
She still takes care of him and always will.
That is committment…that is love.

I will always be eternally grateful for this pair.