Sign up here for $3.00 Thursdays!

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Would you miss $3.00 a week? That could be those extra dollar bills you forgot in your jean pocket before running the laundry, the coins you toss into the cup holder in your car, or the extra change that you find every few months when you clean out the couch. Doesn’t seem like much, right? Imagine though if that $3.00 of yours was combined with the $3.00 of our other supporters. If 50 of our supporters, just 50, signed up for a recurring donation of $3.00 per week, Pony Up could receive $150 per week. $150 a week can mean a world of difference to a horse in rehab, a horse in need of shoes, or a horse in need of training. Ready to put that $3.00 each week you aren’t missing towards a good cause?
Introducing $3 Thursdays! Sign up here using the subscription button below to initiate an automatic donation of $3.00 to Pony Up Rescue for Equines every Thursday! Every little bit goes a long way and your weekly donation of $3.00 will go directly to the care of our local herd. Subscribe today and help spread the word!